taste and share

Krakow, Poland


Together with Worldchefs and local NGO Foodsharing Organization, Electrolux in Poland collaborate to:

  • Organize workshops for different groups of people, including our employees, journalists and food bloggers
  • Educate through social media campaigns
  • Set up food-sharing points
  • Launch a mobile app for food sharing

Societal value

«Be a force for good» – raise awareness of people’s bad habits when it comes to food consumption and inspire positive changes. Our goal is to raise awareness by educating people, change bad eating habits into good ones, maximize sustainability by minimizing food waste and be in harmony with national food cultural identity.


  • Workshops for employees - more than 200 people educated.
  • Opening a food-sharing point in Electrolux Krakow office – 700 employees have access.
  • Launch of the mobile food sharing app and website.
  • Collaboration with new partners and NGOs.
  • Press meeting that took place on October 3rd, 2017 - round table discussion and educational workshops.

Next steps

  • Completion of content creation – webpage and booklets.
  • 3 workshops for consumers, NGOs and bloggers planned for October and November.
  • Mobile app promotion in collaboration with partners and NGOs.
  • Mobile app promotion with support of marketing through social media channels.
  • Mobile app promotion with support of culinary bloggers cooperating with marketing over the course of November and December.
  • Engaging and educating factory workers on food waste (4 factories in different locations in Poland).

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