The large amounts of food and energy that can be wasted through traditional culinary practices – both inside the kitchen and in all the preceding steps in the food supply chain. The sustainability curriculum was created to help address this reality, to educate students and professionals on how to make sound food sustainability decisions and empower them to lead change across the globe. Sustainability is a defining issue of our time, and as a global authority on food, reducing the negative impact of culinary practices is a core mission for Worldchefs..

Societal value

By educating chefs, the Sustainability Curriculum aims at helping the food-service industry to become more sustainable.


Curriculum was piloted in 2016 in four schools in South Africa, Costa Rica, Ireland and United Arab Emirates.

Next steps

Schools in Wales, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Canada, Italy and India are interested in adapting the curriculum, and the number of interested schools and countries is expected to grow this year

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