food mission

Stockholm, Sweden


Electrolux is supporting Stockholm City Mission in their project to open a social restaurant. This restaurant serves meals prepared by surplus food from their food bank and also focuses on labor integration – newly arrived immigrants and long tern unemployed will be trained in the restaurant to enable them to get a job in a professional kitchen.

The partnership with the City Mission will also provide a platform for education of Electrolux employees, consumers and the broader public on sustainable food consumption.

Societal value

  • Promote more sustainable food consumption, reducing and reusing food waste.
  • Empower people through labor integration.


  • More than 20 recipes were developed based on surplus food.
  • «Taste the Waste» lunch served 70 Electrolux employees.
  • 5 AIESEC volunteers created a documentary around food waste in Stockholm.
  • During «Zero Waste Market» were raising awareness around the food waste and serving smoothies made from rescued fruits. More than 500 visitors.
  • Refurbishment of the social restaurant and installation of donated Electrolux Professional appliances.
  • Food Mission presentation and screening of the documentary made by AIESEC at Electrolux HQ.

Next steps

  • Development of the workshops on food waste for employees and public together with a vegan chef.
  • Follow up on coaching and labor integration by Stadsmissionen in the social restaurant.
  • Create a framework for skilled volunteering of Electrolux employees, in support of labor integration.

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