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Everyday across the world, food is discarded from foodservice operations. Much of this food waste is disposed of in a landfill, which over time produces methane which is very damaging to the atmosphere and contributes mightily to global warming. In addition, wasted food represents wasted energy, water, land, human labor, and other precious resources.

For the restaurant owner, wasted food means an elevated food expense which reduces profit. For multiple reasons, it should be the goal of restaurants around the world to find ways to reduce the food waste in their daily operations.

The Keys to succeed!

The Worldchefs Food Waste Challenge for Foodservice Operations is a way for restaurateurs, chefs, and cooks to learn about how to reduce food waste in their kitchens and commit to reducing their own food waste.

As a member of Worldchefs, you will not be alone in this endeavor. You will have the support of Worldchefs behind you to teach you how to reduce food waste and help you track your progress.

Experience shows that foodservice operations that reduce food waste and make it one of their KPI’s results in a more efficiently run kitchen where food expenses are reduced.

And which chef doesn’t want to reduce their food waste?

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How will we be able to measure Food Waste?

Tracking food waste is how this challenge will get results. It will be the responsibility of each participating restaurant to weigh food waste and record it. It is our hope that this will become part of standard operating procedures in your institution as we know that once you start tracking it, typically food waste decreases. Worldchefs will provide support and instruction to help restaurants track their food waste as effortlessly as possible.