Alimentar, Food Rescue and Raising Awareness About the Food Waste

Argentina, 11th August 2021


Project aims to reduce hunger, improve nutrition and avoid food waste by:

  • Rescue of food fit for human consumption before they are discarded.
  • Redistribution of rescue food, guaranteeing the access by people, in particular the poor and in vulnerable situations.
  • Raise awareness towards the problematic of food wasting in Argentina and bad daily consumer behavior.


  1. Create promotional material to raise awareness regarding the food waste management in the households, dietary choices & habits, consumer behavior improvement
  2. Organize workshops about the SDGs 2 & 12 and subjects about food waste management and nutrition education
  3. Collection of surplus food
  4. Create showcasing material (video, photos, testimonials)
  5. 5Create final impact report of the project

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