Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions for the delivery and use of
Worldchefs Sustainability Learning Materials

The World Association of Chefs Societies have developed this sustainability curriculum which can be delivered and taught to both young student chefs in culinary schools and institutes of education as well as professional chefs currently employed in the industry. The following terms and conditions will apply to all schools, culinary Institutes and educational bodies who undertake to teach and deliver the modules which have been created by Worldchefs.

  1. Schools can apply on-line to Worldchefs for the use of the Worldchefs Sustainability curriculum
  2. The completed application is reviewed by Worldchefs and once it is accepted, the school will be issued with a link to the curriculum
  3. Each participating school must nominate one person who will be the point of contact between the school and worldchefs
  4. The nominated person will take responsibility for the delivery of the programme and will be required to participate in a webinar training session, along with other colleagues who may be delivering the curriculum
  5. Once the programme has commenced each school will be required to present periodic progress reports and updates which must be presented to Worldchefs
  6. The curriculum and all the materials associated with the programme shall remain the sole intellectual property of Worldchefs
  7. Worldchefs must receive copies of any changes to or amendments made to the curriculum by any school or institution for approval
  8. Worldchefs reserve the right to request any school, institute or other educational body to cease using the curriculum if the changes are false or misrepresent worldchefs in any way that could cause reputational damage.
  9. Worldchefs reserves the right to use any positive changes or adaptions made to the curriculum which it may deem appropriate
  10. Schools, institutes must agree to assessment protocols which Worldchefs must receive from the schools, this should include all students who have successfully completed the programme, along with records and results of all student testing and assessments
  11. Schools are free to devise their own assessment rubrics which must be presented to Worldchefs for approval.
  12. The school will forward a list of students who participated in the programme along their contact details if permissible to worldchefs
  13. Worldchefs will create a certificate of completion for each student and forward these to the school for printing and distribution.
  14. Each school and participating student will be required to complete a questionnaire feedback form this information will be used to review and improve the programme in the future.