International Chefs Day

What is International Chefs Day?

Each year on October 20 th we celebrate International Chefs Day.

Since it’s creation by esteemed chef Dr. Bill Gallagher in 2004, Worldchefs have committed to using International Chefs Day to celebrate our noble profession, always remembering that it is our duty to pass on our knowledge and culinary skills to the next generation of chefs with a sense of pride and commitment to the future.

Over the last two years, Worldchefs has partnered with Nestlé Professional to teach kids around the globe about the importance of healthy eating by hosting fun-filled workshops worldwide.

With your participation, we will make International Chefs Day 2017 the best yet!

This year’s campaign theme is Foods For Healthy Heroes.

The superhero trend is a global phenomenon for boys and girls alike. Our interest in superheroes continues into adulthood so everyone can enjoy this theme together!

To make eating and preparing healthy food fun and exciting for kids, we will communicate the ‘superpowers’ (benefits) that healthy foods have. Benefits that will keep kids strong, healthy and feeling like the superheroes they love.

How can you participate ?

All chefs from around the globe are invited to host a Foods for Healthy Heroes workshop in your region.

A toolkit with everything you need to run an event – from instructions to materials to social media tips - has been prepared for you. Thanks to all those chefs who have already contributed to the 2017 campaign by submitting recipes! The complete toolkit can be downloaded here. Nestlé Professional regional managers are standing by to help you find a venue, connect with schools and more.

To host a Foods for Healthy Heroes workshop on or around October 20, 2017, please contact Joanna Ochniak, Chairman, International Chefs Day Committee at

Sign up today and join chefs from around the world in making a big impact in your community.

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We look forward to another successful year!


The International Chefs Day Committee is made up of volunteers who have a passion for sharing their knowledge to improve the wellbeing of children around the world, and create a better future for all of us. Read an interview with Committee Chairman here!

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