Moscow, Russia


2nd July – 31 August 2018

Project provides culinary training to orphan graduates that require more support to start their own life journey after school. Classes will take place at culinary school facilities of Eataly equipped with Electrolux appliances. Participants will be selected and supported by Big Brothers Big Sisters Fund. Every Friday participants will have a meeting with young influencers in food industry or go on filed trips.

Societal value

Project aims to inspire the larger young audience to start a career in the culinary sector and thereby find a way to support themselves after leaving the orphanage.

Next steps

  • Define roles and responsibilities between the Electrolux, the chef association, Eatly, and Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Customization of the curriculum
  • Have an agreement with local chefs to run the curriculum
  • Launch of the project 2nd of July

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