Stockholm, Sweden


The Food Mission project supports several local initiatives in Stockholm focusing on reducing food waste, labor integration and sustainable cooking. By creating volunteering opportunities and awareness events, we get involved and support the projects on many different levels.

Societal value

The project contributes to empowerment of women, creating new opportunities and skills, integration, food waste reduction and a higher awareness. Together we create a more sustainable city.


  • Refurbishment of the social restaurant Maträtt and installation of donated Electrolux Professional appliances. Food served: 2200 meals, 795 fika. Catered 700 lunches and more than 400 coffee breaks. Saved 1000 kg of food.
  • 9 people are/went through the labor integration program at Maträtt restaurant
  • 6 appliances were donated to Sopköket pop-up
  • 3 employees volunteered at Sopköket pop-up
  • Created new job opportunities since Sopköket pop-up became a permanent restaurant
  • 10 appliances were donated to new partner, Yalla Rinkeby
  • Women from Yalla Rinkeby were selling homemade products at Electrolux HQ

Next steps

  • Redirecting program from support of Stadsmissionen/ Maträtt, to educational program at Yalla Rinkeby
  • Donation of 100,000 SEK to Yalla Rinkeby, through Electrolux employee Wellness initiative - registration of physical exercise by employees, translates into donation
  • Support the development of community garden at YallaRinkeby community (employee volunteering)
  • Refurbishment of café (creating job opportunities)
  • Planning and refurbishment of Yalla Rinkeby training kithcen (together with Worldchefs)
  • Implementation of culinary curriculum at the training kitchen Yalla Rinkeby
  • Stadsmissionen & Sopköket – Zero Waste Market in September with rescued fruit and vegetables from Sopköket

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