São Carlos, Brazil


Project provides culinary training for underprivileged people in São Carlos to enable them to get a job in a professional kitchen or become self-employed. The training will take place in a specifically designed educational kitchen in an Electrolux facility and the curriculum will be voluntarily delivered by different chefs and coordinated by Electrolux.

Societal value

The project offers employment training for underprivileged people in order to address the high unemployment rate in the region and improve life conditions of people from all over the city.


  • Renovation of the space that will host the classes
  • Sodexo supporting the project by providing food for the course
  • Connect the project with other local social initiativesalready running in the Electrolux plant (Sustainable Garden, Compost making system from organic waste)

Next steps

  • Equip the kitchen
  • Sign partnership with local Labor Agency
  • Refurbishment and design of facilities
  • Co-create workshops with AIESEC local committee and volunteers
  • Sign partnership with the chefs/trainers

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